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Medical Specialist, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist

Dr. Tayyab Saeed  Akhter

M.B.B.S., F.C.P.S.

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Internal Medicine Specialist

Treats patients of Diabetes Mellitus(DM), Hypertension, Thyroid disease, Joint diseases, Obesity


Treats patients of Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Fatty Liver, Chronic Liver Disease and Complications


Treats patients of GERD, Dyspepsia, Motility disorders like Achalasia, IBD, IBS, Pancreatitis. Performs procedures like Endoscopies , colonoscopies, High resolution manometry

About Us

Short Story About Dr. Tayyab Saeed Akhter

Born in Islamabad, Dr. Tayyab completed his matriculation and intermediate in flaying colors from Islamabad. Thereafter, he got admission in King Edward Medical College, Lahore and acquired his MBBS degree.

Dr. Tayyab Started his clinical carrier as House Officer from Mayo Hospital, Lahore serving for one year. Then joined Govt. Service as Medical Officer, at Rural Health Center Domeli, where he served for 02 years and then jointed Holy Family Hospital, as In-Service post graduate trainee.

  • Chief Medical Officer Shifa4u, American Tele Physicians
  • Rector Foreign Students Academy
  • Consultant Medical Specialist, Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist:
    a. Al-Suffah Medical & Diagnostic Center, Rawalpindi
    b. Advance Liver & GI center, Rawalpindi
    c. Soan Medical Complex Islamabad
  • Visiting Endoscopist Nuclear Medicine, Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute
    (NORI), Islamabad
  • Joint Secretary Society of Therapeutic Endoscopy Pakistan (STEP)
  • Patron in Chief RMU V-FAHT(Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis
    Transmission) Society
  • Clinical Supervisor Emergency Medicine Foundation Program Royal
    College of Emergency Medicine
  • On-Line Tutor University of South Wales, UK: For Gastroenterology and
    Hepatology Modules, PG Dip and MSc.
  • Course Designer, Coordinator and Facilitator for Certificate Course Basic
    Upper GI Endoscopy Rawalpindi Medical University
  • Facilitator Health Services Academy, National Institute of Health,
  • Faculty Certificate Course for Family Physicians
  • Member Team Of Excellence – – The Health Encyclopedia
    & Medical Education
  • Member National Liver Research Forum(NLRF)
  • Member Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine(PSIM)
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  • Founder Achalasia Support Group Pakistan
  • Established IBD clinic in Holyfamily Hospital Rawalpindi in 2015: 200 patients have been
    registered so far.
  • Established Motility Disorder Clinic in Holyfamily Hospital Rawalpindi. Pioneer in High Resolution
    Impedance Esophageal Manometry(HRIM) in Public sector in Punjab, Pakistan. >6 year
    experience of HRIM. 250 patients have been registered since then.
  • Awareness campaign programs for prevention of Hepatitis Pakistan (also part of NoHep
    Organized a webinar series of three for world hepatitis day awareness — a
    collaborative project of V-FHAT, Shifa4u, RCAP, RMU & Infection prevention
    control foundation July 14, 17, & 26 2021.
    ii. Organized a Seminar on World Hepatitis Day in collaboration with primary &
    Secondary Health Punjab, V-FHAT & RCAP on July 27, 2021.
    iii. Organized an awareness walk and a screening camp at Panagah HFH on world
    hepatitis Day in collation with V-FHAT, RCAP, RMU & Shifa4u. Screened 154
    people, 14 (9.09%) had hepatitis C and 3 (1.94%) were hepatitis B positive. Only
    1 was hepatitis B and C positive. (July 28, 2021)
  • Founding member Hepatitis free Rawalpindi program
    i. Camp 1: Ward 1, UC1, Ratta Amral: 1011 people screened with 59(5.8%) HCV
    positive and 11(1.5%) HBV positive (5-8 March 2019)
    ii. Camp 2: Ward 2, UC1, Ratta Amral 487 people screened with 32(6%) HCV
    positive and 4(0.8 %) HBV positive (5-7 May 2019)
    iii. Camp 3: Ward 3, UC1, Ratta Amral 591 people screened with 28(4.73%) HCV
    positive and 5(0.8 %) HBV positive (18-19 July 2019)
  • Launched Hospital Home Care Program during peak of COVID-19 in Pakistan – A Telemedicine
    based home care program from the platform of Shifa4u.
  • Established 1st Relief hospital in Mardan including operation theater and labour room and
    several field camps for IDPS in 2009 & received letter of appreciation from Chief Minister/ govt
    of Punjab

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Knowing about your disease is important before selecting appropriate
treatment. Educate yourself with us, be wiser to be treated wisely.

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Knowing about your disease is important before selecting appropriate
treatment. Educate yourself with us, be wiser to be treated wisely. For more detail contact with us.

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